More about our services

Gardiner Technical Services provide solutions to the newspaper and commercial printing industry, and other Ferag users.

We can improve your post press, mailroom or bindery area operations.
Here are just some of the services and solutions we can provide.

Relocation of Entire Ferag Systems

Please call us to quote for the removal and installation of any Ferag installation.

Hoppers Supplied and Conversions

We can supply roller hoppers with shingle to your specific needs, fully rebuilt and painted in the colour of your choice. We also have designed and supplied reverse feeding hoppers for winding systems which feed open end first so obviate the need to rewind disks and saving time.


Modifications to Ferag systems can be carried out on site or at our well-equipped workshop and can be achieved quickly according to your production requirements. If you have any queries about modifications then contact us and we will discuss your requirements.

More services

Mail Room equipment, Gripper Refurbishment services, original spare parts both new and used, Reconfigurations, Refurbishment and maintenance of any parts or all of system.

Dry Ice Clean

With this approach, we can clean years of dirt and grime from machinery even while it is in use.

See our dedicated Dry Ice Clean site